About Cure Sofia`s Mouth

It is a well known fact that the doctors of Enchancia are true wizards in healing various diseases. As they are masters of their job, they have to properly treat the mottled and whimsy folk of Enchancia who frequently ask for their help. Whether it is an injured bird, a broken flying carpet, or a robin that caught influenza during the spring – they all need the helpful hands of an expert doctor. Imagine you were hired to work as a doctor, a dentist let`s say, without any practice and those boring classes that are mere theory. What would be the first thing you will do? Would you peform your duty with the vigilance and responsibility that are mandatory for a doctor, or would you let your patients suffer in pain? Well, those of who who have chosen the second answer will have to be more competent, as the patient you will have to treat in this game is not a regular one, it is Sofia the First herself! As a dentist, your task is to examine and cure Sofia`s mouth. Furthermore, what you will reveal is that being a princess also implies eating a lot of sweets. Sofia`s mouth isn`t in the best state and is not a nice thing for a princess to have a mouth like that! Don`t be afraid to take the instruments in your hands and clean Sofia`s mouth. Be accurate and use the instruments properly. Maybe, just maybe, after you finish this game, you will be strike by the desire to become a dentist! Who knows! For know, when you will be done cleaning, don`t forget to suggest Sofia not to eat so many sweets.

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