About Create your Princess

When little Sofia arrives at the castle, she meets a bunch of new friends. One of her new friends is Princess Amber – the daughter of King Roland the Second. While you can find Amber a little bit conceited, Sofia believes that she is a good person. Indeed, she is, since she managed to help Sofia lots of times on her adventures around the castle and beyond. Another friend Sofia meets at the castle is Prince James – Amber`s brother. James adores to break the castle rules and is ready to stand for Sofia anytime. But a new dwelling isn`t only about new friends, and new chores to take care of. At the castle, beyond everything else, Sofia finds a real, royal changing room. A room that big as a house! And guess what – it is all at your disposal! There are plenty of things to do in the royal changing room. Once you enter it, you can design your own princess! Start with choosing your princess a skin color. You can then move forward to choosing her eyes` color and her hairstyle. Once you are done with this, the changing room will offer you to dress your princess. Give her a real royal look! You can dress your princess in Sofia`s beautiful gown, or you can choose something else. The changing room gives you lots of opportunities, so explore them all. After you finish that, you can set your princesses a name. Will that be your name, or you will choose a name of a character you like most from the last movie you watched? You decide! Click the `My Princess World` icon and then click on the game! Have fun!

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