About Create Princess Room

Remember the adorable princess you create for yourself in Sofia`s world? Now she is new at the castle, just like Sofia was some time ago, so you have to help her out settling down. Now think a bit – if you were to move at a royal castle in a distant country you like most, what would you do in first place? Would you explore castle`s gardens, or you would head straight to the kitchen, where servants make the most delicious food?! Well, your very own princess you`ve created so far, thinks that it is best for both of you to decorate your new rooms! As you arrive in the wing your princess will be living, you will have to choose what room do you want to decorate first. Will you start with your bedroom, or you will go on and set a fine, neat corner for your animal friends? If you decide to start with the bedroom, don`t forget to choose some fashionable pillows from the scroll menu in the right part of your game screen. Why pillows? Because it`s bedroom, and you need a comfortable bedroom if you want to have pleasant dreams there! Also, don`t forget about your private play room where you princess can have a lot of fun with her toys! But first, don`t forget to add some toys to the room from the same scroll menu in the right part of your game screen. And don`t you dare to forget about Clover and Whatnaught! Have you settled that neat corner for them already? If you not, than go on! It is the place where your friends and your princess will be living, so make it a worthy one! For playing the game, click on the `My Princess World` icon in the middle on the screen, then choose the game!

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