About Cedric the Sorcerer

What is a game without a villain? What is a movie without an evil being? As other TV series, `Sofia the First` features a both funny and memorable foe – Evil Cedric. He is known for his greed and his impetuous desire to put his hands on Sofia`s amulet – the Amulet of Avalor. He wants to be the king of Enchancia and he believes that Sofia`s amulet would help him. Fortunately for Sofia, Cedric is not a great sorcerer, although he may look like one. Often his spells don`t work properly, or even turn against Cedric. This feature makes Sofia feel bitter for him. To make Cedric happier, Sofia proposed to take him a photo and be a part of her album. Cedric accepts, but soon Sofia finds out that somebody ripped the pages from her photo album. Your goal is to help Sofia retrieve the missing photo. In order to do that, you have to solve the puzzle. Be quick and challenge your friends in who will solve the puzzle faster. Good luck!

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