About Carriage Wash

Sofia`s enchanted world is a wonderful place to be. Besides the treasures that are waiting to be discovered within castle`s walls, treasures like jewels, tiaras and… carrots, Sofia makes new friends. One of them is Clover, a funny, energetic bunny that always is one Sofia`s side. But her magical Amulet of Avalor does not only help the little princess to be friends with animals, but also gives access to many different amenities. One of those funny amenities shown in `Sofia Carriage Wash` is the ability to speak with… a carriage! Why, haven`t you ever discussed with a carriage? No? Well, if you had, then you wouldn`t have been so astounded by the things Sofia`s carriage tells you in this game. Let get this straight. It is not an easy job to carry people all around the Enchancia. Carriages, just like dresses, also get dirty. This game gives you the chance to make Sofia`s carriage shine again. Let`s do that together. The first thing you need to know about cleaning carriages, is that you should obey the orders of action. Follow the buttons at the bottom of your screen. They will show you what to do next. Beyond cleaning the dirt with a strong spurt of water, you will have to use foam, perfumes, clean sheets and other things that will help you eradicate all the dirt from Sofia`s carriage. But be careful to use all those things in time, because if you fall behind the schedule, you will have to start cleaning the carriage all over again.

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