About Burger Decoration

What traits should a real princess have? Sofia the First series teach us that in the first place, a princess should be kind. No matter to whom – friends or enemies. Secondly, a princess needs to be modest, since it is not a fancy dress that makes one a princess, but rather her gentility. However, `Sofia Burger Decoration`, shows us that a princess also needs to know how to cook burgers! If you think that you don`t have the ingredients you need, don`t panic – the kitchen of Enchancia Palace has everything you need for cooking a tasty, succulent meal! Explore the ingredients you need for the burger and start piling them one after another. It is not really difficult. All you have to do is to drag and drop the ingredients you want to use on the table. There is no such thing as the right order – you prepare your own burger the way you want to do it. Cheese, meat, bread, tomatoes, onion and ketchup – all these ingredients are at your disposal. Clover will surely enjoy the burger if you add some carrots to it. Could you find that? After all the kitchen of Sofia`s palace is a place well known for its delicious burgers. Don`t forget to server your friends with some of your burgers. And as you`re done with cooking a virtual burger, go ahead and cook a real one. Enjoy your burger!

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