About Bathing Time

You love Sofia the First games! Why do you love them? Because they are so various, colorful and entertaining. Until now, you have played dozens of Sofia the First games. Games that took you through her palace, her rooms and even the ball room. You played as her doctor and friend, and you looked for her tiara when she lost it. You did all sorts of things together and these things brought Sofia closer to you. Now you will be playing as a total different character. No, it`s not her drawer guardian, nor it is her friend from another Kingdom. You play as Miranda, Sofia`s mother! But you don`t play as the regular Miranda you`ve seen in the TV series. This game takes you back in the days when Sofia was only a child, and Miranda was not even dreaming about becoming a queen. You will meet Sofia – a different, younger Sofia. And as her mother, you will have to bath and prepare this baby Sofia for a walk in the park! Will you help Miranda do that? First, start with bathing little Sofia. Little kids love to bathe, and Sofia is no exception. You will see her eyes glowing with happiness as you turn on the water and put her in her little tube. Next, you will have to comb and dry her hair. To do that, use the hair dryer with your mouse. Doesn`t it tickle when you`re applying it to the belly?! After you are done with showering and combing, choose a costume for Sofia`s walk in the park. They are all funny looking, so choose either of them! Have fun!

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