About Baby-Sit Sofia

Babysitting is always fun. You can`t just walk near a little baby and don`t give him a warm, parental hug. Both kids and future parents simply adore to play and take care of little babies. That is why dolls where invented – little kids learn careness! And who in the wide world haven`t played or nursed little dolls. But since we are now living in a world of technology and progress, we can take care of babies just by hopping online. And who would`t like to nurse a baby, especially when she is a future princess! Yes, your adorable little princess Sofia the First was also once a little baby. Likewise other kids she also needs affection and a little joy. If you are ready to spend some time with baby Sofia, then we present you this wonderful game in which you can play as Sofia`s mother, Queen Miriam. Your goal as a mother or a nurse is to take care of the little princess. Watch Sofia`s happiness` bar in the left corner of your game screen. Sofia`s needs are the regular needs of a little child, so you will have to act as a true parent. Change the diapers, play with your kid and try to guess what she is fancying! Don`t upset the little princess and try to make as happy as you can. With a little imagination and with great careness, you will surely succeed. Have fun!

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