About A Spell for Mr. Cedric

A good wizard will always use his powers for good. Even though Cedric the Sorcerer is one the main villains of Sofia, who desperately tries to steal her Amulet of Avalor, he can sometimes show a reserved, but true kindness. In this game, Cedric shows his kindness not only to Sofia, but rather to whole of Enchancia. He, thus, decided to create some fireworks for the upcoming ball. But because Cedric isn`t the best wizard, he is not able finish his spell without certain ingredients. Passing over all his misdeeds toward little Sofia, he summoned her help. And of course, Sofia is ready to help. You have to find all the ingredients on the list that Cedric gave you. Your search will lead into the heart of Enchancia and it will be an adventure full of memorable moments. Luckily, all the ingredients Sofia needs for the potion are possessed by some of her close friends, likewise Clover, Barley and more. Listen carefully to the instructions. They will lead through the entire game. Each character you meet will request something from you, so don`t hesitate and help them! Remember, you need to get those ingredients, or there will be no fireworks at the end of the royal ball. Also, if you are lucky enough, you can find some rose petals during the game. Collect all of them and see what happens with the fireworks. I am sure Cedric won`t scold you if you add some rose petals into his potion… Help your friends and create along with Cedric the most beautiful fireworks in all of Enchancia.

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