About A Day at Royal Prep

Still haven`t received that letter from Hogwarts? Don`t worry – magic awaits for you at Royal Preparatory Academy! `A Day at Royal Prep` is a brand new game that gives you the chance to study magic along with Sofia the First. The three good fairies – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather – who are the headmistress of the Royal Prep are waiting for you to start the classes. So, haste! Put your backpack on and let`s get started. In `A Day at Royal Prep` you will be studying a maddening variety of subjects. But don`t worry – you won`t get bored. Step inside the Royal Prep along with other students and let the magic surround you. Firstly, pay attention to your schedule. There is always a plenty of classes you can take at Royal Prep. Enchanted Science, Enchanted Art, Potion Class, Sorcery Class – your head might go spinning from all the activities you can take part in A Day at Royal Prep! The school is teeming with events. There is an Enchanted Feast to be held at Royal Prep. You, Sofia and your colleagues have to prepare a science project in your Enchanted Science class. You will have to create a whole solar system by using mere… bubbles! When in this class, complete the system of tubes to get the blue bubble in the jar. In Enchanted Art class you will have to prove your quickness and ability to spot hidden objects. Poison Class will teach you to mix poison under surveillance of Mr. Cedric. You will also meet a lot of pets, alike Clover. Successfully complete classes in order to receive stickers for Sofia`s backpack. Feeling tired of all the activities at Royal Prep? Take a recess and play a game of Dazzle Ball with Sofia, James, Amber and other students. Royal prep will teach young princes and princesses a lot of things. Be a proud, skillful student in `A Day at Royal Prep`.

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