Winter’s Gift – A Wassailia Story

Sofia and Tiana Winter Gift

Do you remember what a mess happened last time at the Enchanted Palace? Amber stole Sofia’s Amulet of Avalor and summoned Princess Ivy – a beautiful enchantress dressed in black and white, who yet proved to be a dangerous and wicked enemy for the whole Enchancia. It is because Princess Ivy wanted to destroy Sofia’s amulet and take over the castle. With a single wave of her slender hand, Princess Ivy can cast her magical butterflies to spy upon her foes and even turn everything in black colors! It is up to Sofia, Amber and Cedric the Sorcerer to save the castle this time. But they couldn’t manage to do it, until Rapunzel showed up at the time of need. It is due to her that Enchancia is still colorful and magical. But whom is Sofia going to meet this time?

If you follow the news from Enchancia, you may know that Wassailia is the biggest upcoming winter event. It is a day of peace and joy. At Wassailia the dwellers of the Enchanted Palace, just like people from all the Enchancia, give gifts to each other. It is mentioned that at Wassailia, even our foes should be pardoned, respected and given a gift. Cedric the Sorcerer is not Sofia’s enemy. Contrariwise, many times Cedric was the only help Princess Sofia could get and he never deceived her. His spells usually come right at time, so forgive Cedric’s little malevolence. For his deeds that brought wellness to Kingdom of Enchancia, Sofia decides to grant Cedric the Sorcerer a little present. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite know what to give Cedric. That is why she ventures away from the castles.

We don’t know what will happen there yet. Disney announced that on 12th of December, the day when the Winter’s Gift episode of Sofia the First should be aired, the TV show will meet a new character, whom Sofia has never met before. Who might it be? A giant lion, or a new, evil enchantress? We can only wait until 12th of December to be sure.

However, the story goes on and there is another surprise waiting for Sofia’s fans. Disney confirmed that in the upcoming Christmas-themed episode, Sofia will meet Princess Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog. What a lovely meeting that will be! Tiana was the Disney princess who learned that it is important to follow your dreams regardless of obstacles that might come in your way. She is lovely, especially when she reluctantly kisses Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog. Remember her turning into a frog? Well, let us hope that accident won’t occur again in Sofia’s world. But if Tiana doesn’t take the role of the frog this time, what will be her purpose in the upcoming episode? And what kind of mess will happen to Princess Sofia this time?

These questions will only be answered after the episode will be aired on the 12th of December. Bring your friends together and watch it all together. Don’t forget to hand them some presents at Wassailia. Enjoy the Christmas!

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