Travels through Enchancia

Sofia travels through Enchancia

`Buttercups, Buttercups, don’t be slow! Buttercups, Buttercups, time to go!` Remember this little tune Sofia used to sing along with her friend, Madeline, upon each travel they were about to take? Sure you do, if you are in touch with the latest Sofia the First TV series! As you know, the royal family of Enchancia loves to travel a lot. That is why, Sofia has visited a lot beautiful places and has seen many breathtaking sights, since she became part of the royal family. That trip on a magic carpet to Tangu, for instance, was merely unforgettable. The second season of your favorite TV series, however, gives you the chance to travel even farther! So, let us look upon some of Sofia’s travels so far.

If one likes to travel by carriage, one can easily do that as part of Sofia’s many travels through Enchancia. If you are one of those who likes carriage rides, you can easily take one by playing an entertaining game on one of our dedicated websites. The game you should definitely consider is Sofia Carriage Ride. You will be driving Sofia’s carriage through the meadows of Enchancia and you ought to take good care of it, since the roads you will have to travel are pretty sloppy.

If you think that traveling by carriage is too stilted, we have a game that will change you mind about travels in general. If you liked Sofia’s adventure in Tangu, you can live it again by playing Sofia’s Flying Carpet Adventure! You will be given a chance to design your personal magic carpet. You will be flying up in the sky of Tangu with your fresh designed carpet, colored in patterns you prefer. However, be careful, because your magic carpet can try to slip away from you! And guess who will have to catch it back then?!

Sofia’s travels through Enchancia lead her and her friends to special places. Some of the places they visit breath with magic, especially when they visit Mystic Meadows, a home for retired sorcerers and sorceresses, in the 11th episode of the second season. Mystic Meadows is the place where you will meet some of the eldest, yet the most powerful magicians of the whole Enchancia. Go there along with Buttercups and earn your good deed badge!

Another place that may seem even more mysterious than Mystic Meadows itself is the Kingdom of Wei-Ling. Don’t be fooled by its quiet grounds and its silent marshes, for these grounds keep a secret hidden from any human eye… except for James’s! He reveals a hidden map that shows the path to Jade Jaguar’s treasures, deep within bamboo woods. He and Prince Jin wander towards the mouth of the Jaguar’s cave. Little did they know about the fact that the Jade Jaguar legend is not merely fiction. As they are trapped in Jaguar’s cave, Sofia, Princess Amber and Princess Jun venture into the woods to save them. Their travel leads their to a meeting with a very special Disney princess..

Do you want to know more about that special Disney princess Sofia meets within the bamboo woods? Well, then go on some travels through Enchancia with Sofia!

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