The Leafsong Festival

The Leafsong Festival

The eagerly expected New Year has finally come. People from around the world have already admired the ever glowing explosions of the New Year`s Eve fireworks and now they prepare their new resolutions for this year. Along with fireworks, presents, winter outfits and some great expectations, there came the peaceful snow, that covered just about all the Europe. But the beginning of 2015 is not only about presents, resolutions and snow. A new Sofia the First episode, The Leafsong Festival, has been also aired on the 16th of January!

While I’m pretty confident most of you already know what’s happening in this episode, for those who didn’t have the chance to watch it yet, there are still some interesting things to be mentioned about Crackle, Princess Vivian’s pet dragon. As some of you may already be acquainted with her from the previous series, some of you may already know that unlike her owner, Crackle is lound, outgoing and easily-excitable. What not all of you might know, is that in The Leafsong Festival episode one of the Crackle’s secrets is revealed. Oh, yes, she has one! You’re invited to make a guess about what his secret might be. Maybe, he can perform some dangerous tricks, alike Stuffy the stuffed dragon from Doc McStuffins TV series. Ohm.. let`s just say Stuffy was not a very smart example to bring up, since most of his tricks are aided by merely luck. Maybe it’s something different though. We can only guess that Crackle’s secret is going to blow some minds within the horde of Sofia’s fans.

What we may be sure of, is that Crackle’s secret is somehow connected with The Leafsong Festival. From what we can assume, The Leafsong Festival is a singing contest. Maybe Crackle is a good singer? Who knows.. As to reveal Crackle’s secret we can go through her biography a little bit. Her adventures in Enchancia, as long as we know, started when Sofia, Clover, Princess Vivian and her friend dragon were working on a project in the episode called `The Shy Princess`. Her relationship with Clover evolved from what seemed to be enmity, to a fragile and unspoken affection. Maybe Clover could give us a little hint of Crackle’s secret? Go watch the previous episode, like `Blue Ribbon Bunny` and `Finding Clover`. You might stumble upon something interesting about Crackle’s secret.

Also, after an unfortunate mix-up of poisons, Vivian and Sofia’s pets change places. That being said, the pet dragon Crackle becomes a rabbit and Clover turns into a.. well you may guess it.. a dragon! Well, it might be that Crackle is ashamed of some of her abilities. Could it be that she wouldn’t get to participate at The Leafsong Festival? And, will Sofia be able to help Crackle with her awkwardness, if this is what might happen in the upcoming episode? Again, we can only have guesses. Crackle is indeed a lovable character, whom you will adore to become friends with. Follow our blog and immerse yourself in the world of Sofia the First and maybe then you will reveal Crackle secret.

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