Substitute Cedric

Substitute Cedric

The season two of Sofia the First TV show is closing to an end. But don’t you ever worry – there is still the third season about to start sometime in 2015! There are still up to five brilliant episodes that Disney prepares for you in the season two of Sofia’s adventures in Enchancia. Follow our blog and stay updated on latest news from Sofia’s kingdom.

In the season two, Sofia and her friends learned a lot of things. Moreover, you were (and still are) a part of their stories, since most of the adventures are for your entertaining purpose! In this season, you and Sofia learned that simplicity is the best make-up for a princess. You also learned acceptance. You learned to be patient and lots and lots of valuable lessons. Furthermore, this season was full of travels. Sofia didn’t stay at the castle for a minute! Remember that trip to Chinese Kingdom of Wei-Ling, when James and Prince Jin set off for a treasure of Jade Jaguar?! And that other trip to Mystic Meadows, a place for retirement for sorcerers, where Cedric met his parents and conquered the family wand?! It was indeed a pleasant adventure we had together!

We also met a lot of Disney Princesses during our travels. Remember when we met Princess Mulan in Princess to the Rescue?! She was the one to teach Amber and Sofia that they are stronger than they know, and if it wasn’t for Mulan, the friends wouldn’t have escaped that tricky maze of warrior statues. When the evil Princess Ivy unleashed her horde of black and white butterflies, thus overthrowing the Kingdom, it was Rapunzel who came to help Sofia and her friends. The other Princesses we came across during the season two was Tiana and Snow White, but we won’t tell you in which episode they make their appearance. If you missed some episodes, go find them yourself. It won’t take you long and it will be a mere joy!

With all that princesses coming and going, we nearly forget that we still have some episodes in the season two. The episode aired on the 20th of February is called Substitute Cedric. You remember Cedric, don’t you? In this latest episode, the old Cedric becomes.. well.. substitute Cedric. He steps in as a substitute teacher for a sorcery class at Royal Prep. Unfortunately, at the very same time with Cedric’s becoming substitute Cedric, a group of naughty pranksters pay Royal Prep a visit. What they are looking for? To break the rules, of course, and to turn Royal Prep into a playground! Now, substitute Cedric aka Cedric the Sorcerer has to protect the school against the pranksters. Did he succeed in that? Watch the episode, if you didn’t already, and find the answer to this question. You might even try to make a guess about what Royal Prep might look like when Cedric turns into a substitute Cedric.

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