Royal Prep Academy

Royal Prep Academy

Didn’t you dream about going to Hogwarts, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, when you were eleven? For some of you, the receiving of the letter that confirm your wizard identity was supposed to be a momentous event of your life. But of course, that darn letter did not come as expected. Magic usually comes into our life when we expect it less. So if you were disappointed in Harry Potter’s world once, don’t be sad about it, since there is a far closer world. A world of magic that stretches its borders at your very fingertips! Don’t be shy, and step inside the Royal Prep Academy!

The Royal Preparatory Academy of Enchancia is a school where young princes and princesses go to study royal ethics, as well as arts and magic. From her very first days at the Palace of Enchancia, Sofia started her first year at the Royal Prep Academy. A fancy campus, with a wide, well-lit greenhouse and a clocktower seems a really friendly place. If you are more into eating than into studying, the cafeteria might be a tempting place. It is a place that teems with events, so you might easily be a part of one of them. Who knows, it might turn into a heart-pounding adventure, just in like in the episode called `Tea for Too Many`! Go watch it and you’ll see how you settle parties at Royal Prep Academy, once you decide to have one.

The Headmistresses of Royal Prep are three good fairies you might be familiar with. They are no one but, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, the fairies that took care of Aurora in `Sleeping Beauty`! This time, they not only guide the activities at Royal Prep Academy, but also make sure that students, alike Sofia, Princess Amber and Prince James are given a high-class education. Sofia really seems to enjoy Royal Prep Academy, despite the hardships she has to go through (remember `The Princess stay in the Picture` episode?). As for young, mischievous Prince James, he rapidly sums it up for Sofia, in her very first day at school: `There is always a test`.

If you enjoyed Sofia’s days at school, you also should be familiar with Royal Prep Academy staff. One of Sofia’s school teacher is Sir Gillium. He is the Flying Derby Coach at school. Sofia and Sir Gillium meets when the young princess decides to try out for the team. This results in her proving Sir Gillium that a girl is worth playing Flying Derby and also in Sofia’s new friendship with Minimus, the Great.

Coming straight from mother Russia, here goes Professor Popov. Having taught King Roland the Second himself, Professor Popov will teach you dancing. Yes, you do learn dancing at Royal Prep Academy, haven’t I already mentioned this one?

If you are a book worm, than you should meet with Mrs. Higgins. She is in charge of Royal Prep Academy library and she got some really interesting books waiting for you on the shelves. Thus, don’t be shy, and step inside Sofia’s school. You will like it there.

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