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Sofia the First singing

I was a girl in the village doing all right,/ Then I became a princess overnight/ Now I gotta figure out how to do it right — / So much to learn and see. If you are following this merry blog, you should definitely know the tune. It’s Sofia the First intro theme – a song that really gives you a feel about what’s going to happen in the episode. When Sofia becomes a princess overnight, she realizes that there is so much to learn and see at Enchancia Palace! And you are also about to learn and see something new today. Just follow us!

Melodies have always been an important part of any animated movie. You can surely remember Tiana’s Almost There and Elsa’s unforgettable song Let it go. Sofia the First, as a TV show that constantly grows in popularity, is not an exception. You can hear royal melodies being sung in almost every episode. And you definitely have a favorite melody, that’s for sure! Let us know what are your most favorite royal melodies while we give you a short list of royal melodies that inspired us.

A melody that we definitely should mention in our list is I’m not ready to be a princess. Ariel Winter, aka Sofia the First, performs this adorable little tune in the pilot of Sofia TV series – Once upon a Princess. In this particular song, unlike other royal melodies the little princess and her friends sing, Sofia expresses her fear and reluctance to become a princess. Once her mother, Miranda, marries King Roland the Second, Sofia is thrown into the world of royalties, in which she is not yet prepared to take part. The first episodes of her stay at the castle reveals her inner uneasiness towards the royal life. It is a normal reaction for an eight year old girl. The future episodes, to our joy, will prove that royal life isn’t that scary as Sofia thought at the beginning.

When your mother or your father is upset with you, a good way to reconcile is to sing a merry tune together. Indeed, hardships can be overcome easier if you keep together with your family and, why not, sing a song! When Sofia and her mother, Queen Miranda, find themselves in time of troubles when fighting with a wild stream in Mom`s the Word, they sing Me and my Mom. It is a song that brings back memories of their early life, when there were only two of them, back in the village. What marvelous times there were!

Sofia not only sings royal melodies with her family and peers, she also sing along other Disney princess. When in the Wei-Ling Empire in Princess to the Rescue, Sofia, Amber and Jun come across a maze of warrior statues. This summons Princess Mulan to their help, who tells them that they are stronger than they know. And Mulan is not the only Disney princess that happens to sing royal melodies with Sofia. Jasmine, Aurora and Ariel – that’s just some of the Disney princesses that meet Sofia to help and sing to her a valuable lesson.

Royal melodies are a part of the show, just like music is a part of your life. Listen to Never forget the Sorcerer’s Secret in the upcoming episode on the 20th of February.

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