Princess Winter Outfits

Winter Outfits

How is your winter going so far? Have you already played in the snow? Have you made a snowman with a long, carrot nose? After all, you may or may not have snow in your country by this time. In Enchancia, however, it has been snowing heavily for a few weeks! The countryside, the docks, the beautiful palace and its Enchanted Gardens are all covered in white. All the beautiful flowers Sofia has been working on are now buried under a white veil. As winter progresses, Sofia and her friends have already celebrated Wassailia, in Winter’s Gift episode of the TV series. As you know, the went looking for a special present for Mr. Cedric. Have you seen any of the Sofia’s new winter outfits? With her new, golden gown and her puffy, red cloak Princess Sofia looks even more adorable than before. She is dressed properly, so she can venture the cold, dark forest along with the faun she has met in order to find Mr. Cedric a perfect gift. But are you properly dressed to follow her on her adventures?

If you are not sure about your clothes, Sofia is ready to help you with choosing some winter outfits. Go back to `Winter’s Gift` episode and pay attention for what characters wear during cold, Enchancia winter. Do you notice Sofia is wearing a different gown. Also, just to keep her warm, she is wearing a cloak! Consider wearing that if you`re going outside to play in the snow.

Another character that you should definitely take as a role model is Sofia’s new friend, the faun called Winter. `Just like the season!` she introduces herself. Do you see what she is wearing? A scarf! Don’t forget to take it once you go outside. But Sofia and her new friend can merely give you hints on how to pick the best suited winter outfits. A real Princess that has totally changed her outfit once the winter came is Tiana! Remember her wearing her sweet-looking lily pads dress in `The Princess and the Frog`? Well, who will dare to wear only a lily pad dress when it`s so cold outside! That is why Tiana is now wearing rich coat that suits her just perfectly! Now that, folks, is a mandatory item to take with you if you go outside.

The snow in Enchancia is fluffy, as if it is ready to play with you. The adventures beyond imaginable await you, but you should be properly dressed for that. Follow Sofia the First characters manner of dressing and you won’t be so cold when you go outside. The regular winter outfits, whether it is an outfit designed for Enchancia winters or for the winters in your home country consist of: coat, a hat to keep your ears warm, a pair of good shoes, trousers, a pair of gloves and a scarf. Put that on your list and be sure to dress up properly. Otherwise, you will catch a cold and won’t be able to enjoy the winter magic. And you don’t want that, do you?

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