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Disney Games are so popular nowadays that both the young and the adult ones can have a good time while playing them! When Walter Elias Disney co-founded The Walt Disney Company along with his brother Roy Oliver Disney back in 1923, could they possibly think that their marvelous dream – to build a breathing world of magic around a few cartoon characters – will later expand into thousands of life-like, unforgettable characters and stories for many generations to adore? Of course, not!

But Disney brothers were crazy enough to dream about this, and as you can see, the ones that are crazy enough to imagine about changing the world, are the ones who are able to turn it into something better. Years passed, and throughout their tenacity, hard work and a few drops of talent, they managed to entirely reinvent the world of cartoons, based upon their childish idea.

But what have Disney brought us? Well, in the first place, Disney gave us the opportunity to return to the enchanting world of childhood. A world where you can dream, explore and find your life-long friends. Whether you are an adult or a kid, the joy of stepping through the magical gates of Disney is all the same.

Learn valuable lessons while playing the Disney Games

But Disney stories, and also the Disney games, in all their multitude, didn’t only give us the joy of being a kid. They also teach us to be strong, to be kind, to have patience, faith, and courage. They also show us that even the most fearless of dragons can have a sweet, loving heart! And the fancy clothes and a shining tiara don’t make one a princess – it is the kindness and equality that do that. For instance, you get the chance to learn all these lessons while playing Sofia the First games!

However, Disney Games go even further! Since the Internet got popular in most of the world’s countries, kids from all over the globe can continue their adventures online! This means tons of new online games that will both entertain and challenge you. Imagine that you are given to share a ride with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine on their flying carpet. And imagine you are the one to steer the flying carpet throughout the Arabian sky! You can now do that while playing Jasmine’s Flying High game! Or, let us say, picture yourself as Flynn Rider, and you have to go along with Rapunzel towards her native kingdom, Corona! Wouldn’t that be an entertaining, jaw-dropping adventure? We are sure it would be!

Meet famous Disney Characters

Disney Games brings the ever-changing world of your favorite cartoons at your fingertips. You can explore locations of your favorite Disney movies like never before. Feel the ground of Enchancia and Agrabah. Explore Rapunzel’s tower and, why not, keep her company, for she is bored alone.Visit the Beast’s castle and protect it from Gaston which, on one dark night, started climbing its walls in search for the Beast and Princess Belle in Gaston’s Castle Clamor game. But this is only a little piece of what expects you in this world.

Disney games give you the opportunity to know Disney characters even closer than before. Princesses, princes, their animal friends, and their servants – all of them have a story to tell you.

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Will you listen to it and live another adventure, or will you move on, never paying attention? It’s only your call.

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