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Disney Games are so popular nowadays that both the young and the adult ones can have a good time while playing them! When Walter Elias Disney co-founded The Walt Disney Company along with his brother Roy Oliver Disney back in 1923, could they possibly think that their marvelous dream – to build a breathing world …

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You are surely a little prince or princess if you visit Sofia’s page for Royal Games. This particular category of games feature the most shining and memorable games on the net. It’s Royal, after all! Read on to find out more! After Sofia’s mother marries King Roland the Second, as you know, Sofia becomes a …

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Sofia the First Puzzle Games

If you are well acquainted with Sofia’s world, both TV series and games, you may know that the Internet is not only filled with cats and cute little puppies, but also lots of puzzle games for you to play. As Sofia’s adventures at the castle continue, the world of puzzle games that feature her and …